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About Tray Packing Process

Although a film only, shrink-wrapped pack is fairly strong and stable, sometimes for added rigidity or placing on retailer shelf, a cardboard tray is used in shrink wrapping process. Autopack traypacker fully automates this process.

Tray packing process

Autopack Traypacker uses a versatile process for forming and loading products on tray. Intermittent motion, 4 stage indexing process suitable for most products. To cater for different speeds, layouts and  products Autopack traypacker can be offered with many infeed and grouping options. Here is the process:

A blank is drawn from Magazine and formed into a “U”

  • products are pushed onto the tray,
  • the tray is folded into shape and its flaps are glued together,
  • (usually) the tray is sent into a shrink wrapping machine to complete the pack.

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