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Faster Carton Stacking and Shrink Wrapping

Oct 5, 2022 | Articles | 0 comments

Autopack welding bar type Shrink Wrappers can wrap up to 30 bundles per min, however the final packing speed depends on how quickly one can prepare the bundle before the wrapping process.

When packing cartons such as tooth pastepharma tabletssoaps cakes etc, the collation is generally prepared by a vertical collator. In a typical vertical collator cartons accumulate on top of a lifting plate which elevates the cartons to higher level, where they are retained by suitable latches. The process is repeated until preset packing quantity is made after which the group is transferred into the sleeve shrink wrapper.

The speed of preparing the bundles is dependent on the maximum number of lifts the collator can make and the stacking format. A typical pneumatic collator can make approx 40 lifts / min.

So if we are packing 10 cartons in a 5×2 format (5 across and 2 high) we can make approximately 20 complete packs per min ( 200 cartons per min). However some cartons, due to their geometry, need to be packed 2×5. In this case the stacker has to lift 5 times to make one complete bundle which drops the speed to 8 packs per min.

To speed up the collating process Autopack have introduced a unique “Staircase” collator which can stack narrow and tall packs, much faster than traditional bottom up stacker.

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