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Shrink Bundle Packaging of Sanitizer Bottles

May 25, 2022 | Articles | 0 comments

Due to Covid-19, many manufacturers with liquid and cream filling lines, have switched to producing and packing sanitizers. Since sanitizer solutions contain high percentage of alcohol, making them flammable, one must take precautions to reduce risk of fire or explosion.

Once filled and capped, chances of ignition are lesser, however, during the packaging process, jam and spill can occur which needs to be handled in appropriate way.

In case of heat shrink packing, the bottle or tubes may be left inside the hot Shrink Tunnel for long enough to cause leak and ignition.
Besides operational jams, power shutdowns and component failure can also lead to product being stuck inside the hot chamber.
Autopack Shrink Packing systems can be fitted with many options to reduce chances of fire or explosion for packing flammable substances.

Depending on level of danger, these range from simple guides or handles to remove the product from tunnel, to more sophisticated systems of evacuating hot air or even flooding the chamber with inert gas.

During this difficult period of Corona Pandemic, Autopack People offer free advice to companies using Bundle Shrink packaging to help them reduce the risk. For Autopack machines there are retrofit kits available which can be fitted by the customers to their shrink tunnels. So please contact us if you need advice.

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